is the personal online presence of Ian Halliday, a young designer and recent graduate of the University of Dundee. The site runs alongside his porfolio and is not only a journal of his thoughts and doings, but aims to be a resouce to young designers in education or who are just starting out on their way.

What my parents know already

I was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on November 4th 1983 at 5:55 pm, and much to the joy of my parents I was making and creating as soon as I could pick
Ian Halliday
up a crayon or a lego block. I also had a magic tendancy for taking things to bits. I always had (and still have) an insatiable desire to learn how things worked, it just took a few years to learn how to put things back together!

So what is there to know? At 22 I am just starting out on a career as a designer after graduating in Innovative Product Design at the University of Dundee, Scotland. Whilst my degree is in product design, I would not consider myself as a product designer in the traditional sense, but as my porfolio puts it, ‘a designer for the physical and the digital’, a multidisciplinary designer. This is born from my interests in all facets of design, and my long held belief that design cannot be compartmentalized, but must be treated as a wholistic process.

I don’t know, ask Ian

Okay, so that last paragraph may make me sound like I have my head up my ass, and I can assure you I don’t, and I’m not superman!

The thing is, I like to know things. Unlike most I like to know all kinds of things. Some how I know what the Corpus Callosum is, I could probably give a good comparison between American Saturn and Russian Energia rockets, I know that the heat generated by a cheetah’s muscles as it sprints would harm it before it got tired of running, and I know Nokia made tires before they made mobile phones.

In fact it was a recurring joke amongst friends at uni, that if you didn’t know the answer to any obtuse question, you could ask me and get an answer or at least get a reference to find your answer. I’m not trying to be clever, I am just in love with the world. Everywhere I look I find inspiration and intrigue. I’m also lucky to have the kind of mind that just captures everything I see and read. Random facts just stick in my head.

These two things make a formidable combination. As if you ask me something I don’t know, or I stumble across a problem I don’t know how to solve, you can bet I will find out.

Powering the Station

Innovation-Station is back, in a new and improved, AJAX???ed up web 2.0 style.* This evolution of the ‘Station is hosted on a (mt) Media Temple (ss) shared server and is proudly powered by WordPress. The template is a modified version of the fabulous K2 by Michael Heilemann & Chris J Davis, with images pulled directly from my Flickr account.

As a poor(ex)student, I have yet to make the transition to Mac, so this site was produced on a PC, and the oh so beautiful Windows XP. Not once did it slow down, hickup, choke or crash. Supprisingly, no computers were harmed during the making of this site.** I code in Dreamweaver and Notepad2 and the graphics are done in Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2. The magical Novel Netdrive keeps me in touch with my server and lets the good stuff get to you fresh.

Powering Me

I’ve only recently started using, so you can see what I’m tuning into to inspire me as I write/draw/code/paint/build things. When I’m making a model or such like expect to see a lot of Mylo come up, as a friend at uni calls it, it’s my ‘design music’.

*Any real wizardry is thanks to the hard work of the WordPress, Plugins and K2 developers and their respective communities.

**No longer true. It was when I wrote this about page, but Windows knew I had it easy, and punished me. Many times.